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Expert in handling and lifting

In need of a handling and heavy-lift expert ? Give us a call ! 

Based in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, our company is an expert in handling. Our highly-trained team of professionals is here to answer all your needs and operate in the fastest delays possible. 

We operate in the Bouche-du-Rhône but also in the rest of France as well as everywhere in Europe.

Savez-vous exactement ce qu’est un convoi hors normes ?


Heavy handling

We put in place the human and mechanical means necessary to develop several efficient technical solutions and provide you with a complete service. 

We take care of the heavy-handling of any professional material : no matter its size or weight, we have the equipment necessary to answer your needs. 

Put your trust into our professionals, they know their job and how to handle all types of situations : complicated set-up, short delays or tough environments… We handle each situation.

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